Mythos Tales: Pasquale’s Wager

Investigation Eight of Mythos Tales is wrapped. This is the last main book investigation. There is only one left, the bonus epilogue. But be sure to check out this fun mystery. If you missed the LivePlay, you can still watch the mystery & follow along with us as you make your own guesses. Once again, this is the whole case and does include spoilers.

Hit the jump for the stream, and map to follow along.

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What’s Inside My Box: Star Wars Rebellion w/Expansion

Star Wars Rebellion is Star Wars in a box. And with the release of Rise of the Empire expansion, it is even MORE Star Wars in a box! But I just got ZenBins as I mentioned in a previous post, what do I do? Well I managed to make it all fit and nicely.

Check it out after the jump!

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“Tournament” Movie Screening

Board games haven’t really been represented in movies, at least usually not in a positive light. Well here comes an independent movie for the better. “Tournament” is about a group of unlikely friends who gather for an epic trading card game only to have a beautiful outsider turn everything upside down. This comedy is coming to a DC theater for one night, October 12th at 7:30 PM

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[Board Game Club] Room 25: Escape Room

The first Board Game Club session is in the books! The other night, three of us talked about Room 25‘s latest expansion, Escape Room. Just like a book club, we pick a game and then talk about how it made us feel, what we liked & didn’t like, etc.

Hit the jump to let the discussion begin!

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