The League

NonTraditional Board Games’ very own “meta game” that pits a team against another team. The more wins they get at Library events, the more points they receive and victory edges closer to their grasp. After each team has played each other once, the championships for the Session occurs; the top two teams play each other and the bottom two teams play each other. The winner receives a trophy to defend in following Sessions.


Week 1
Blue (2) vs Yellow (3)
Green (1) vs Red (0)

Week 2
Blue (0) vs Green (0)
Red (0) vs Yellow (0)

Week 3
Red (2) vs Blue (2)
Green (0) vs Yellow (1)

Week 4
Yellow(0) vs Green(0)
Blue (0) vs Red (2)

If you would like to more details and to join the League, reach out to us NTBoardGames [at] gmail in between Sessions to be placed on a team.

Below are the teams and their current members.


Record: 0-2-1

Team members:

  • Amy
  • Brian
  • Gerardo
  • Rafael



Record: 1-2

Team members:

  • Brittany
  • Cory
  • Larry
  • Rachel
  • Steve



Record: 0-2-1

Team members:

  • Adam
  • Hannah
  • Sam



Record: 2-1

Team members:

  • Ben
  • CJ
  • Mark
  • Tara

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