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Weekly Spotlight: Infamy



Going to take a break from spotlighting Lovecraft games this week. Instead, I’ve chosen to focus on another genre near and dear to my heart: Cyberpunk. For those of you unfamiliar with the theme, it’s a near future setting in which power is held by massive corporations, organized crime, and police-state militias. Caught in the middle of that is everyone else, trapped in a perpetual rat race to get ahead beneath a glass ceiling as thick and strong as vault steel.

Infamy takes place in such a setting, where the players start with a hand full of cash for bribes to finally end on top of one of the powerful organizations or to reach the ultimate level of infamy. The game’s scope is ambitious, to say the least. Instead of zooming in on microcosms within the setting, like Netrunner with corporation growth pitted against hacker saboteurs, or Murder City and Android with a noir-esque murder mystery, Infamy attempts to condense the entire genre into a 90-120 minute experience. Does it succeed? Ehhhhhh… sort of. It makes a valiant attempt. But the real question is: is it fun anyway? Continue reading Weekly Spotlight: Infamy

Weekly Spotlight: Lost in R’lyeh


I know, I know — another Cthulhu game. I realize I just talked at length about one, but I do have something of a confession to make. I’m a sucker for Lovecraft, well… anything… but especially games. I know they spawn like flies in the realm of tabletop, and I know not a single one truly encapsulates the gloom and doom of inescapable horror. The theme is getting close to the point of supersaturation, and yet the Mythos’ rate of use continues to grow. Even as I saw this game at Origins Game Fair, I rolled my eyes and let out an audible sigh… but knew deep down that I was going to play it. And I did. Because of course I did. What I didn’t expect was this particular game stands out not for its theme, but for its twist on a familiar mechanic. Continue reading Weekly Spotlight: Lost in R’lyeh


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Looking at The Stars Are Right on the shelves, you’d notice a few things: it’s a Steve Jackson game (maker of Munchkin), the shape of the box is oddly familiar (same box shape as other Munchkin boxes), and the creatures depicted on the box are Lovecraftian(ish) cartoons by Goomi (artist for Munchkin Cthulhu). So it’s a Munchkin game! YAY!!! (or BOO!!! whichever way you tend to lean).

Except, it’s not a Munchkin game. In fact, I’m a little pressed to call it a game at all. Strictly speaking, while The Stars Are Right fits the textbook definition of a game, at its core, it’s really little more than a spatial puzzle– one you try to solve faster than everyone else at the table with strategic placement of cards. 

You play the role of a cultist– as you do in any Cthulhu inspired game where you aren’t playing one of the hopeless saps (aka investigators) trying to keep the ancient beasties from inevitably waking. And your goal as a cultist is to invoke the power of said indescribable horrors to manipulate the night sky, aligning the stars to summon more and more powerful tentacly critters. Except you have rival cultists trying to wrest control of the night sky from you to raise their own servitors and elder gods. Continue reading WEEKLY SPOTLIGHT: The Stars Are Right

Weekly Spotlight: Blood Rage


At first glance, Blood Rage– a game that consists of highly detailed viking and monster miniatures– might be assumed to be a highly aggressive meat grinder of a war game, where you battle against your opponents in bloody duels for the glory of your clan. It’s practically right there in the name! Plus vikings! I mean, come on! But if that’s the impression you walked away with after taking a look at the game box, you’d be wrong. Well, mostly wrong.

Continue reading Weekly Spotlight: Blood Rage

Weekly Spotlight: Red November

Just when you thought being a gnome in a creaky submarine was bad, everything that could go wrong is about to happen! On the bright side, help is on its way. Will they arrive in time to save the crew or will the forces of nature and decrepit sub spell doom for everyone?

Go under (the post) for a look at Red November.

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