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Coriolis: Meet the Ransom

Things have been a little quiet on the homepage front but behind the scenes things are bubbling a little bit. Namely on the RPG front. I wanted to show you a profile shot of the ship the characters in Coriolis are flying around in, The Ransom.

On Instagram, you can check out my account (@AdamDork) or search for the hashtag #CoriolisShips for more ship creations that I am putting out every Friday. The first one I posted is the layout of The Ransom that I gave the players as soon as they board the spaceship.

More to come soon!

Coriolis: The Lifeless Ship Part 1

We last left the crew of Ransom boarding and exploring a gigantic ship they just found. Did it find them? Did they find it? There’s no welcoming party and no immediate signs of life but it appears in tact. It is a very large ship which begs the question what lies within?

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