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Small Business Saturday Is Almost Here!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, 11/24, is Small Business Saturday. Why should I be bothering you all with that detail? Well your friendly local game store is most likely a small business! You should think about paying them a visit. If you don’t know what to buy, you can check out current/ongoing list of These 35 Games or you can ask someone who works at your store for some help.  They should be able to point you to some real goodies! Or dice…you can never have too many dice.

I know I’m planning to hit up my local store tomorrow morning, how about you?

Buy Some Games, Support Your FLGS!

Hey all! It is Black Friday and that means people punching each other in the face for a telev…err, i mean buying tons of stuff for friends, family, and of course yourself! Regardless of your actions and motives, remember that Saturday is Small Business Saturday.

Your Friendly Local Game Store definitely fits the bill for a small business. So before you blow your budget on the big stores, set some money aside to support them. I know I’m planning to head to mine and pick up a few goodies!

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