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Post-PAX: Unplugged 2017 Interviews

PAX Unplugged is completed and what a time it was! While I was there I caught up with a couple game companies to talk about their games. I was able to record interviews with Baba Geek Games, Osprey Games, Leder Games, and Rule & Make.

Stream/DL them here: SoundCloud / iTunes / GooglePlay / Stitcher

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Robit Riddle, a Robot Mystery

It is no secret that I am a fan of narrative driven games, so it is interesting to see how different board game designers approach this topic. Robit Riddle is a mystery/adventure game I first saw at Origins, had a successful Kickstarter, and now will be at PAX Unplugged as their production phase comes to an end. So it is right around a corner.

I hope to get more information on the game at PAX Unplugged so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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