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Our First Play Along Is Here!

The first Tuesday of every month we normally meet at Urban Winery. We can’t meet up and play some board games nowadays so let’s do it online! Welcome to our first #PlayAlong!

What’s Play Along, you ask? I will select games that can be played remotely and stream it in hopes we can pseudo play together. The games will be ones that don’t need direct interaction and can be played at a later day if you can’t make the live portion.

And just because you can’t make the premiere, doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear your scores!

Be sure to stock up on your favorite drinks, I got mine from Urban Winery. Hopefully most of the games I play can be found at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles.

Hit to jump to see the first episode of Play Along!

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NTBG Awards of 2018

Another year, another awards thingy. Might as well keep the traditional alive cause everyone does love lists! It definitely has been an interesting year for gaming this year. Once again I am only looking at games I have played in 2018. Some of these games might’ve not come out last year but I will try to stick to the latest games if I can help it!

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