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Mythos Tales: Pasquale’s Wager

Investigation Eight of Mythos Tales is wrapped. This is the last main book investigation. There is only one left, the bonus epilogue. But be sure to check out this fun mystery. If you missed the LivePlay, you can still watch the mystery & follow along with us as you make your own guesses. Once again, this is the whole case and does include spoilers.

Hit the jump for the stream, and map to follow along.

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[LivePlay] Deep Space D-6

I’ve been meaning to bring this game to the LivePlay series since it seems like it is made for it. Deep Space D-6 is a solitaire, dice chucking, worker placement game that has you on a spaceship and trying to survive a formidable encounter deck. This game isn’t too easy and you are about to see for yourself.

Hit the jump to see how it is played!

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