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It’s Happening! Imperial Assault App

I’ve been waiting for this thing for awhile. After the announcement/release of the Descent app that let’s you play the campaign without a DM, my only wish was it to come out for Imperial Assault. Heck, just keeping track of everything would be a lifesaver. Then Fantasy Flight Games released Mansions of Madness Second Edition which did an incredible job with the app experience.

And now we finally have it for Imperial Assault. It is not said to replace the base game or skirmish mode but be another way to play it. Can’t wait to try this out.

[Game Stories] Imperial Assault: Hoth – Part 3

It has been a little while but the rag-tag group of Rebels are ready to mount another mission. This time they are heading back to Hoth. Will they continue the campaign with another victory or will they feel the sting of the Empire’s grip?

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[Game Stories] Imperial Assault: Hoth – Part 1

I’m finding myself in a lot of campaign based board games recently. They have a story and a good theme so that is probably why I am drawn to them. It does potentially limit new additions to my Now Rolling group of articles since I can only write about one game so many times. That is where this Game Stories will come in to play.

After each game session of a campaign, I’ll summarize & spin a story about the game(s) in an article here. They will contain spoilers of what happens but they will be stylized so it might not be as apparent what the spoiler actually is in some instances.

Hit the jump to read the first game story for Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth!

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Painted Mini’s: Hired Gun

To pad out the Scum & Villiany faction, I had to make sure I had some hired guns. Plus it is fun to paint things other than humans from time to time. There are two of these guys in the expansion so I wanted to experiment with different color skin and outfit. Here is the first of two Hired Guns, I went with the more traditional route here.

Fingers on the trigger!

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Painted Mini’s: Verna Talos, Cunning Operative

Once again, another hero painted miniature so the Rebel Alliance has some pretty on the board and not jealous of the Empire side of things. This character will definitely be interesting to get to the board in the next campaign.

Time to go back to Hoth!

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