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RPG Mini-Break

What’s this, no RPG today?!

I’m sorry but there won’t be one this week and maybe not next week. I’m taking a little break from editing before ramping it up again. I have two more RPG sessions recorded, each a different game. So I might be switching gears for a little while but there is more to come!

I hope you don’t mind too terribly!

The RPG Hiatus

“Where’s the new RPG Drama episode?!”

It has come back to that time where the RPG side of things is going on hiatus. The Coriolis campaign has wrapped up, holidays are on the horizon so schedules are funky, and I am in-between games. I’m not sure when a new season will start up but I’ll let you know when one is in the works.

I’m not even sure what game system it will be. Could be HEX, Edge of the Empire, more Coriolis, or something new. Feel free to leave a comment on what you’d want to hear me run next.

RPG Hiatus

I mentioned in the recent Nothing Fancy video but if you missed it, the weekly RPG Dramas will be taking a little hiatus. There is one more HEX episode to be edited for 2017. Sadly it will not air this Friday. So slightly early hiatus, followed by  an episode, followed by more of a hiatus to finish out the year.

I’m hoping the hiatus doesn’t extend too far into January but I’ll keep you posted on when to expect more episodes.

In the meantime, check out my PAXunplugged interview from this past weekend. It isn’t an RPG but there is some good stuff about upcoming/existing.