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This is why I don’t buy inserts.

Fantasy Flight Games has reminded me why I don’t buy inserts for my board games. Making custom ones with foamcore is a different story but that takes so much time to do. But here comes Zenbins with a really neat, easy to use insert to present everything perfectly and fights nicely and now it is ruined!

Now it is all for loss, hit the jump to see why.

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Mysterium Expansion

The upcoming Mysterium expansion, Secrets & Lies, is due out later this year.  After the announcement of the upcoming expansion, fans of the game began speculating as to whether the rules and gameplay mechanics would be modified this time around, or whether it would just include more cards, as was the case with the first expansion, Hidden Signs.  Recently, at FIJ 2017 in Cannes, Libellud showed off the new version, and here’s what we know.

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I Can Deal #034: EXPANSIONS!

Board games are thought to be a complete package. But then why do they create expansions? Are there different types? Obviously some are better than others so Adam & CJ are here to talk about them. Do you have a favorite expansion? Let us know in the comments or via @NTBoardGames!

Intro by @Astrostasis

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Hit the jump to listen to the embed

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Painted Mini’s: Kayn Somos, Trooper Commander

I’ve recently started to paint some of my miniatures. Half the fun is painting them and the other half is seeing them on the table. You might get to play the games with me but I can make sure you can see them!

The Stormtroopers for Imperial Assault were among the first minis I painted. This expansion pack leader is probably among my favorites and he came out really well. So hit the jump and check him out in 360 degrees and his description.

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