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But What If the Dice Aren’t Perfect?

Dice are mass produced, for the most part. Big ole machines pouring in the liquidified plastic into the mold, closing the mold, and letting it cool in various ways. At least that is how I am thinking dice are made. Then coming back in a machine to paint the indentations or pips.

But what if the dice aren’t perfect after all this?

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[LivePlay] Deep Space D-6

I’ve been meaning to bring this game to the LivePlay series since it seems like it is made for it. Deep Space D-6 is a solitaire, dice chucking, worker placement game that has you on a spaceship and trying to survive a formidable encounter deck. This game isn’t too easy and you are about to see for yourself.

Hit the jump to see how it is played!

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UNBOX IT – Star Wars Destiny (Rey Starter)

The latest hotness is slowly (painfully slow) appearing in local game stores everywhere. Fantasy Flight Games’ latest release into the “CCG” genre of games is a card & dice one. Star Wars Destiny is said to be light and quick and fun. Only time will tell. If you can’t find your own copy, you can hit the jump to see what comes inside.

Time to unbox a new game!

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