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Weekly Spotlight: Infamy



Going to take a break from spotlighting Lovecraft games this week. Instead, I’ve chosen to focus on another genre near and dear to my heart: Cyberpunk. For those of you unfamiliar with the theme, it’s a near future setting in which power is held by massive corporations, organized crime, and police-state militias. Caught in the middle of that is everyone else, trapped in a perpetual rat race to get ahead beneath a glass ceiling as thick and strong as vault steel.

Infamy takes place in such a setting, where the players start with a hand full of cash for bribes to finally end on top of one of the powerful organizations or to reach the ultimate level of infamy. The game’s scope is ambitious, to say the least. Instead of zooming in on microcosms within the setting, like Netrunner with corporation growth pitted against hacker saboteurs, or Murder City and Android with a noir-esque murder mystery, Infamy attempts to condense the entire genre into a 90-120 minute experience. Does it succeed? Ehhhhhh… sort of. It makes a valiant attempt. But the real question is: is it fun anyway? Continue reading Weekly Spotlight: Infamy