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What is Coriolis?

Coriolis is the next RPG drama from NTBoardGames! That’s it, wrap it up…but seriously there is a lot of background story to this game as it takes place centuries in the future on very distant planets. Described as Arabian Nights meets Firefly, buckle in for a hopefully noir, gritty, sci-fi/out-there experience!

The earth is dying.

In a last effort to save humanity, two large ships were created to let us explore the galaxy and find a new home. These two spacecrafts were called the Zenith and the Nadir. These vessels were large enough to support life for centuries, and they did.

Somewhere along the way the Nadir disappeared, never to be heard of again.

After a number of centuries passed, the Zenith reaches its destination of the star system KUA. But things aren’t as planned. The planets in this solar system have already been inhabited…by humans.

Hit the jump to finish reading the prologue, it is included in the first episode so you could follow along… Continue reading What is Coriolis?