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Too Many Games?

Is there such a thing as too many games? At first glance it is easy to say no! More games means more fun means more yay. But then you think about it and realize that you don’t have the space for all the games or even (some) more games, so boo. I am curious if the right amount of games is too many.

I sometimes think about this after a big convention or going away for a fun weekend with friends. I am always worried about which games I should bring. I do try to go through a thought process of what is being played but I am afraid of leaving a good time at home. Whereas if I didn’t have as many of them, my selection of choices to bring with me would be more limited and therefore less of a “dilemma” of what to bring.

It is a vicious cycle of wanting to get the games for such an event and then accumulating too many to actually use. As a gamer, too much is a problem so I definitely think there is a thing as too many games. I was sort of stumbling upon this in the most recent episode of I Can Deal but my brain lost track. But there is too many games and I think I am approaching that point…

…or I need another bookshelf for games.

This has been “Dork Rambles,” a quick blurb about random board game thoughts I have that hopefully gets you thinking as well as I.