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[Now Rolling] Oh Captain!

Bluffing games and deduction games are widely popular nowadays. It was very recently where it seemed every game had one or both of these aspects in them. After awhile, you start to compare which ones you should keep and theme can keep them in your collection. Well here is a pirate theme one and while I don’t care about pirates, I had to give this a try.

Aaarrgghhhh, be my matey after the jump!

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Asmodee Digital Sale

If you have an iOS device and like board games, Asmodee has got your back. They have turned a lot of their popular games into digital titles and on top of that, they actually have a good sale going on right now through Sunday, March 26.

The following is an example of some of the game pricing…

  • Splendor – $1.99
  • Ticket to Ride – $1.99
  • Potion Explosion – $2.99
  • Mysterium – $2.99

And there are more discounts and some I can’t tell you because I already bought them (like Colt Express. Click here to see the rest.

Hope that link works, I’m mobile right now.