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No Time Before Ghastly

Genre/Type: Die roller
Duration: 10 mins
Player count: 2

A beat officer, is ending his long shift and all he wants to do is go home and relax. But this night feels different for some reason. Around every turn he feels like he will find something waiting for him, something evil. But he isn’t far from home now. Will he make it home or will the evil that waits in the dark get to him first?

HOW TO PLAY: Each player rolls a die. Whoever rolls the highest gets to move the difference between two the two results (ie: P1 rolls a 6 & P2 rolls a 3, P1 would move 3 spaces).  The player with the lower result can choose to either keep one of the rolled dice results for the next turn or take a selfie and tagging NTBoardGames on Instagram/Twitter to move 2 spaces in either direction.

If the creature is ever on the same space as the cop, the cop immediately loses. If the cop reaches the end of his board, he wins and has escaped potential gestation!

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