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In a distant galaxy, mystic powers have been beginning to appear. The council of factions are worried about this as well as the mystic illness that has been going around. So they hired preacher and a scientist to investigate. This is their story along the way…

Described as Arabian Nights meets Firefly, buckle in for a hopefully noir, gritty, sci-fi/out-there experience!

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Crew of The Ransom
-Qamar Niazi
-Jaul Akalay
-Yara (NPC)

Past Player Characters

Other/Past NPCs
-Jihane – A friendly passenger they picked up who seemed a devote follow of the Icons. She killed Younes Niazi with a custom accelerator rifle in front of the crew of The Random.
-Younes Niazi – A courtesan that was seen using mystic powers. She could possess fire in her hands.
-Godtear – deadly crime lord that likes to hang out at Leg End on Djachroum out in Rimward Reach.




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