RPG Dramas

Along with our podcasts talking about board games and other faucets of the hobby, NTBoardGames releases a weekly RPG Drama for your entertainment. Friends gather around to tell a story and have fun playing an RPG and then Adam edits them as well as adds ambiance to further get you in the mood.

They all run about an hour long and each session/episode is released together, as in you won’t hear a different show until the current session/episode is finished.

Here are dramas we have for your listening pleasure…

Through the Breach – Our first RPG adventure with CJ serving as the FateMaster in a western world of horror & Steampunk. Act 1 is currently finished and the show is currently in hiatus.
HEX Adventures – Pulp-Adventure RPG with Adam serving as the GameMaster in his first GM role ever. The Journey and The First Pyramid are completed.
Edge of the Empire – Star Wars Scoundrel/Bounty Hunter RPG with Adam serving as the GameMaster. The Beginner Game and the storyline “The M’dweshuu Comes” are completed.
Coriolis – Thought of as Arabian Nights in space, Coriolis is along the lines of Firefly but more gritty. Adam is the GameMaster. Season 1 & 2 is complete and Season 3 is well on its way.

Let's Play Some Games!

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