[These 35 Games] Draftosaurus

I will admit, I so desperately wanted to put Cloudspire on this list. It is a lot of fun of what little I played it but felt I couldn’t 100% say that it was a game you needed to play from the two sessions I played that I think I sort of got most of the rules correct. But that leaves me with this game which I have played a whole many times.

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

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Root Goes Digital!

I like Root. It was my favorite game last year. And I am excited about the upcoming expansion as I also threw more money at it to get the fancy mat boards. But this new news about Root going digital is just very exciting.

3D elements on the board with cel-art animation style for the cute creatures is just what I need. Dire Wolf Digital is making it and they say it is coming soon, later this year. Will it be good? Well Dire Wolf Digital has made Raiders of the North Sea digital game as well as Pokemon Online. I can’t imagine being handed those and this license and not making a quality product would be a thing.

Here’s hoping it comes to the Nintendo Switch like Raiders has and Eight Minute Empire is about to do!

Labyrinth’s Annual Used Game Sale!

Labyrinth’s Annual Used Game Sale is almost here. It actually starts tomorrow, July 26-27! For those not familiar, people offer up their games they don’t want anymore and they are auctioned/sold for charity. Some of the ways this aids the local community is helping buy games for local teachers and help fund Labyrinth’s school aftercare program & demo library.

They raised over $6,000 last year so you know they get some good stuff. That’s where it should interest you…they get a crazy amount of games and even sealed games. Some notable games from their schedule are Root, Gloomhaven, Risk Onyx EditionAcquire, and thousands more. So there are plenty of good stuff to be found.

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RPG Mini-Break

What’s this, no RPG today?!

I’m sorry but there won’t be one this week and maybe not next week. I’m taking a little break from editing before ramping it up again. I have two more RPG sessions recorded, each a different game. So I might be switching gears for a little while but there is more to come!

I hope you don’t mind too terribly!

Coriolis: The Hunt, Episode 3 Part 4

Episode 3 Part 4: Face-to-face with this unknown thing, the crew of The Ransom struggle to make sense of what is going on here. What exactly is this thing saying? Can they believe or trust it? I’ve searched for meaning behind their encounter on the Creynak and they’ve found it. But what did they exactly find?

Stream/DL them here: SoundCloud / iTunes / GooglePlay / Stitcher

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