Ready to PAX Unplugged?

Are you ready for PAX Unplugged? I know I am! I’ll be there the whole weekend. Anything you want me to check out and report back? let me know in the comments!

I’ll be posting some photos, maybe a livestream, and a podcast or two. *gasp* You should think about checking out the con this or next year if you can.

Small Business Saturday Is Almost Here!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, 11/24, is Small Business Saturday. Why should I be bothering you all with that detail? Well your friendly local game store is most likely a small business! You should think about paying them a visit. If you don’t know what to buy, you can check out current/ongoing list of These 35 Games or you can ask someone who works at your store for some help.  They should be able to point you to some real goodies! Or dice…you can never have too many dice.

I know I’m planning to hit up my local store tomorrow morning, how about you?

[These 35 Games] Artifacts, Inc.

Everyone loves to adventure! Most of us grew up watching Indiana Jones movies and always wanted a whip and a cool fedora. So who wouldn’t want to do what Indy does in a board game, selling newly found treasures to museums and curating your personal property…wait, what?

Let’s go to our HQ to get to the bottom of this…

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The RPG Hiatus

“Where’s the new RPG Drama episode?!”

It has come back to that time where the RPG side of things is going on hiatus. The Coriolis campaign has wrapped up, holidays are on the horizon so schedules are funky, and I am in-between games. I’m not sure when a new season will start up but I’ll let you know when one is in the works.

I’m not even sure what game system it will be. Could be HEX, Edge of the Empire, more Coriolis, or something new. Feel free to leave a comment on what you’d want to hear me run next.

Coriolis: Beast Within Part 6

The crew of the Ransom is trying to make heads and tails of their situation. Just what went on and what happened to them? It is time to take stock and reevaluate things, but where will that put them with their original mission?

Stream/DL them here: SoundCloud / iTunes / GooglePlay / Stitcher

Hit the jump to explore the Third Horizon!

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