NTBG’s Awards of 2017

CJ did his picks of the year, I had to take some time to think about my favorites. It was a tough one because when do games really come out? It might be released from Kickstarter at one point but retail later.  Some games might’ve come out at the end of 2016 or 2017 so there is no time to really play them with others. For example, I got Charterstone at the beginning of December, but there isn’t enough time in December to really try that game.

That said, I am only looking at games I have played in 2017. My list will be open to games released in the last three months of the previous year. This is within reason, as some quicker games can be digested in that amount of time.

Also, one can only play so many games!

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CJ’s Board Game Picks of 2017

This year saw a lot of milestones for the hobby, not least of all being the 50th anniversary of Gen Con– the first time the gargantuan convention sold out. Along with the industry, the games themselves have grown: games like Gloomhaven, 7th Continent, and Massive Darkness made a giant splash both with critics and players as well as promising hundreds of hours of replayability. Even the mammoth game that– arguably– started it all: Twilight Imperium got an upgrade. One might think this year would be my favorite year for the Big Game– capital B, capital G.

Except, my attention has been elsewhere, and I might argue so should yours. This year has also made great strides in small games as well. Now, I have nothing against the grand, complex, narrative driven behemoths. But game innovation isn’t only about adding more, it’s also about refining simplicity. As Eric Lang said, “Complexity is a concession.” My 2017 picks epitomize this notion. Even still it was a difficult task to narrow down, but for the sake of brevity– as I do want to say a bit about each game on the list– I’m only including my top 3 from both traditional and crowd funded publishing; 6 in total. These games have managed to make experiences that are not only simple and inclusive, but also fun as hell. Continue reading CJ’s Board Game Picks of 2017

But What If the Dice Aren’t Perfect?

Dice are mass produced, for the most part. Big ole machines pouring in the liquidified plastic into the mold, closing the mold, and letting it cool in various ways. At least that is how I am thinking dice are made. Then coming back in a machine to paint the indentations or pips.

But what if the dice aren’t perfect after all this?

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Rising 5: My Pandemic Killer

Pandemic is considered by some to be a staple in one’s board game collection. It is easy to play, can be challenging, and cooperative. But as I’ve expressed earlier about the game and being very unimpressed with Pandemic Legacy Season 1, the game is not in my collection. That is why I was excited when I got this game.

Hit the jump to find out why!

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It’s Happening! Imperial Assault App

I’ve been waiting for this thing for awhile. After the announcement/release of the Descent app that let’s you play the campaign without a DM, my only wish was it to come out for Imperial Assault. Heck, just keeping track of everything would be a lifesaver. Then Fantasy Flight Games released Mansions of Madness Second Edition which did an incredible job with the app experience.

And now we finally have it for Imperial Assault. It is not said to replace the base game or skirmish mode but be another way to play it. Can’t wait to try this out.

“Is this a cool game or am I just a sucker for gimmicks?”: A story of poor impulse control and severe susceptibility to advertising.

By Robin

I’m currently spending my evening scouring Kickstarter for new games to overspend on. This is my ideal shopping strategy, as it costs nothing right now and is only a financial burden to Future Robin. Whatever, she can deal with it. She’s older and wiser and presumably richer than me. Besides, if the game isn’t funded then I get all the fun of purchasing something without having to follow through. The problem is that I am a sucker. I will play any game that strikes my fancy, and my fancy is easily struck. (Stricken?) Here are some games I have funded/purchased or am considering, and I honestly just need a grown up to tell me if I am making good choices.

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