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ALONE: Dead Space the Board Game?

I’m not exclusively a board gamer; I enjoy video games as well. One of my favorite series released was the Dead Space series. Short version of the series: an Engineer gets caught up in the middle of a cult that inadvertently(?) worships a plague that creates monstrosities out of dead people, all while in space. If you couldn’t guess, it was a horror/action title with you trying to survive against all odds.

The video game series has long been dead but it seems like a board game is on the way that scratches that itch…

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This is why I don’t buy inserts.

Fantasy Flight Games has reminded me why I don’t buy inserts for my board games. Making custom ones with foamcore is a different story but that takes so much time to do. But here comes Zenbins with a really neat, easy to use insert to present everything perfectly and fights nicely and now it is ruined!

Now it is all for loss, hit the jump to see why.

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