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Painted Mini’s: Crawler Soldier

I wanted to take a break from painting all my Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures so I busted out a few minions from my copy of Myth. You may remember another Myth mini painted by someone else, but this one is done by me. Not sure how many of these will be painted but might focus on heroes for this game and some big baddies.

Scream at the Crawler (melee)!

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Painted Mini’s: Kayn Somos, Trooper Commander

I’ve recently started to paint some of my miniatures. Half the fun is painting them and the other half is seeing them on the table. You might get to play the games with me but I can make sure you can see them!

The Stormtroopers for Imperial Assault were among the first minis I painted. This expansion pack leader is probably among my favorites and he came out really well. So hit the jump and check him out in 360 degrees and his description.

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