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Game of the Month: Welcome to the Moon (April 2022)

While not quite a roll & write (flip & write?), the Welcome to… series have been pretty popular in the past few years. It has planning, spatial awareness, neighborhood planning, numerous expansions, and sequels. And now it is going to the moon and beyond!

Let’s take a trip…

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[Now Rolling] Oh Captain!

Bluffing games and deduction games are widely popular nowadays. It was very recently where it seemed every game had one or both of these aspects in them. After awhile, you start to compare which ones you should keep and theme can keep them in your collection. Well here is a pirate theme one and while I don’t care about pirates, I had to give this a try.

Aaarrgghhhh, be my matey after the jump!

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[Now Rolling] Century: Spice Road

Recently got this new game and I was very excited to bring it to the table. Surprisingly so were the people who I played it with without me saying anything to them about it. Guess it was just calling out for everyone come on the journey.

Here’s another game without dice but I am rolling with it…

Let’s get spicey after the jump!

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Now Rolling: Above and Below

It’s been awhile since I got a new “Now Rolling” to the site but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing some good games. Here is one that I wanted to get some play time in before its successor (sequel?) gets delivered. It is time to find new country land to build a town, whether it is above the ground or below it!

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