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Long Distance Board Gaming: An ‘App’t Solution?

By Robin

Having lived in three different states in the last six years, I have encountered a problem that is becoming increasingly common: most of my closest friends live painfully far away from me. For board gamers this presents an additional challenge. How do you game with long distance friends? I mean sure, you could each set up a chess board in your respective homes and smoke distinguished pipes while sending each other letters describing your next move via carrier pigeon, but that’s not practical for most of us. Also, imagine keeping a game of Small World pristinely set up in an untouched room in your house. Let’s be real, most of us have cats. It’s not an option. So, I turned to technology.

Apps in board gaming aren’t new. Some serve only to enhance the game experience (like the turn timer/atmospheric background noise app for Sheriff of Nottingham), while others facilitate the game by taking on the role of the moderator/DM player (Werewolf, Mansions of Madness). Some are just there to help calculate those pesky scores (on behalf of all of us who count on our fingers, THANK YOU). But what I had never tried until recently was an app version of an entire board game.

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It’s Happening! Imperial Assault App

I’ve been waiting for this thing for awhile. After the announcement/release of the Descent app that let’s you play the campaign without a DM, my only wish was it to come out for Imperial Assault. Heck, just keeping track of everything would be a lifesaver. Then Fantasy Flight Games released Mansions of Madness Second Edition which did an incredible job with the app experience.

And now we finally have it for Imperial Assault. It is not said to replace the base game or skirmish mode but be another way to play it. Can’t wait to try this out.