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[These 35 Games] Artifacts, Inc.

Everyone loves to adventure! Most of us grew up watching Indiana Jones movies and always wanted a whip and a cool fedora. So who wouldn’t want to do what Indy does in a board game, selling newly found treasures to museums and curating your personal property…wait, what?

Let’s go to our HQ to get to the bottom of this…

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November 2018 MeetUp

Horror board game month is over, time to go back to regular games. Who doesn’t love regular board games, huh? I am breathing a sigh of relief that my selection of games to play has grown greatly. You never really realize what games you have until you limit yourself.

Hit the jump to see the events NonTraditional Board Games is doing in downtown Silver Spring. You can also click Events to be taken to the MeetUp page and sign up there.

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