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Game of the Month: Campy Creatures (October 2022)

It is spooky time and while not all games will scare you, the theming is where I like to look to from monsters roaming/chasing to the fun camp. That’s where this one comes in, I love its camp and gameplay; it makes it that much easier to get it to the table.

Let’s go mad scientists!

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Game of the Month: Welcome to the Moon (April 2022)

While not quite a roll & write (flip & write?), the Welcome to… series have been pretty popular in the past few years. It has planning, spatial awareness, neighborhood planning, numerous expansions, and sequels. And now it is going to the moon and beyond!

Let’s take a trip…

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Root Goes Digital!

I like Root. It was my favorite game last year. And I am excited about the upcoming expansion as I also threw more money at it to get the fancy mat boards. But this new news about Root going digital is just very exciting.

3D elements on the board with cel-art animation style for the cute creatures is just what I need. Dire Wolf Digital is making it and they say it is coming soon, later this year. Will it be good? Well Dire Wolf Digital has made Raiders of the North Sea digital game as well as Pokemon Online. I can’t imagine being handed those and this license and not making a quality product would be a thing.

Here’s hoping it comes to the Nintendo Switch like Raiders has and Eight Minute Empire is about to do!

House Rules: How Many is Too Many?

Recently I pulled out the game DOOM by Fantasy Flight Games. I had played the game once or twice before but sometimes always kept me from pulling it out more frequently. You’d think I would’ve pulled it out more since I painted the space marines (future painted mini’s?) but that wasn’t the case.

The main reason is the balance of the game which left me wondering if I should house rule and how much?

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