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Five Years of Board Games?!

That’s right, it has been five years since I started the NonTraditional Board Games MeetUp group. I’m sure you’ve heard the origins over and over on podcasts and bios so I won’t bore you with any of that stuff. What I will do is let you know we will be celebrating this milestone at the MeetUp this Saturday.

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Got some RPG feedback?

As you may have noticed, there is a pretty steady stream of RPG drama content coming through here. We hope you enjoy the experiences and stories being told, whether it is western/steampunk, pulp adventures inside earth, or our new adventure starting Friday! That said, I’ve been experimenting with length of episodes in recent weeks. I posted a poll on our Twitter about duration (it is embedded after the jump too) to allow you to share some input. It is running for seven days so feel free to compare them on our SoundCloud page.

That being said, you can always send input our way via Twitter or email.

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Mythos Tales: Flesh & Blood

Here’s the second investigation in Mythos Tales that we livestreamed earlier. This is the whole case so expect spoilers if you are planning to try it out yourself. This game is very audio driven but I’m adding cameras to give better views and you can hit the jump for a map (I believe it is accurate to ours) to follow along.

If you want to know ahead of time when we will be livestreaming anything, become a Patreon supporter and be in the know. Or you can follow our social medias, and I will post when we are live.

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