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Free Shipping on Merch

Have you been interested in some NTBG merch but were worried about the pesky shipping? Well now it is your day to no longer be worried! For the next week, use the coupon code at the top of the merch page store (or hit the jump for it) and enjoy free shipping.

NTBoardGames on Threadless

This is good from today (February 5) until Monday February 12, 10am CST.

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What’s Inside My Box: Dinosaur Island (Deluxe Edition)

Who doesn’t want to build their own Jurassic Park? In this deluxe edition, storing it is as big of a problem as people getting eaten! I think I’ve got it perfected and squared away on how to store this big and super heavy game. And there is no box pop-up! How’s that for you?

Hit the jump to see where the T-Rex fits…

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10×10 Challenges and You!

It was a little over a year ago that I heard about the 10×10 challenge. If you are not aware, this simply states that you make an effort to play 10 selected games 10 times each within a certain period of time (usually a year). Being intrigued and having a nifty & easy way to track it on my phone, I took the plunged in 2017. That year is long gone and I am left in the aftermath of my 10×10. But what did I take away from it?

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Mythos Tales: The Faceless Expedition

The final investigation of Mythos Tales is a bonus one and a wierd one at that. Join us for the mystery of the bonus case called The Faceless Expedition. Strange enough, it is actually a prologue? It is just out there, join us for the ride. Watch the mystery & follow along with us as you make your own guesses. Once again, this is the whole case and does include spoilers.

Hit the jump for the stream, and map to follow along.

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NTBG’s Awards of 2017

CJ did his picks of the year, I had to take some time to think about my favorites. It was a tough one because when do games really come out? It might be released from Kickstarter at one point but retail later.  Some games might’ve come out at the end of 2016 or 2017 so there is no time to really play them with others. For example, I got Charterstone at the beginning of December, but there isn’t enough time in December to really try that game.

That said, I am only looking at games I have played in 2017. My list will be open to games released in the last three months of the previous year. This is within reason, as some quicker games can be digested in that amount of time.

Also, one can only play so many games!

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But What If the Dice Aren’t Perfect?

Dice are mass produced, for the most part. Big ole machines pouring in the liquidified plastic into the mold, closing the mold, and letting it cool in various ways. At least that is how I am thinking dice are made. Then coming back in a machine to paint the indentations or pips.

But what if the dice aren’t perfect after all this?

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Rising 5: My Pandemic Killer

Pandemic is considered by some to be a staple in one’s board game collection. It is easy to play, can be challenging, and cooperative. But as I’ve expressed earlier about the game and being very unimpressed with Pandemic Legacy Season 1, the game is not in my collection. That is why I was excited when I got this game.

Hit the jump to find out why!

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