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Where Are We in Star Wars?

First off, thank you for listening to our Edge of the Empire RPG Drama. This story is coming to a close soon. The players were told upfront that they wouldn’t know where they fit in the timeline of things. This was just to keep them honest in case they ran into anything. But you aren’t the players and a significant piece of information has been revealed that ties the RPG into the series.

Hit the jump to find out the timeline placement.

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[Board Game Club] Room 25: Escape Room

The first Board Game Club session is in the books! The other night, three of us talked about Room 25‘s latest expansion, Escape Room. Just like a book club, we pick a game and then talk about how it made us feel, what we liked & didn’t like, etc.

Hit the jump to let the discussion begin!

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Fireball Island Is Coming Back!

That’s right, it is coming back!

I recall as a kid playing my friend’s copy of this board game. Massive board, marbles rolling everywhere, and the eventual missing bridge pieces…it is such a memorable experience. And the team from Restoration Games are remaking/making a sequel of this old classic!

Hit the jump for some details…

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[Buy or Not Buy] Coaster Park

There are so many games out there that it is hard to keep track of. There are some companies that I like so I sign-up for their newsletter (or Kickstarter automatically does it for me). It is a great way to see what is coming from companies you may like. This is a new one for me and has giving me many ups and downs.

Should I buy Coaster Park or not?

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