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Post-PAX: Unplugged 2017 Interviews

PAX Unplugged is completed and what a time it was! While I was there I caught up with a couple game companies to talk about their games. I was able to record interviews with Baba Geek Games, Osprey Games, Leder Games, and Rule & Make.

Stream/DL them here: SoundCloud / iTunes / GooglePlay / Stitcher

Hit the jump to take a listen!

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Leder Games Presents… Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

PAX Unplugged is mere weeks away and there will be a lot of games there. One of which appeared in my inbox today and has me intrigued. It is reminiscent of VAST (it even has the same artist) but you play as cute furry creatures. Four animal factions that play differently; whether you want to build up your empire, try to steal other territory, be sneaky with late game surprises, or a combination of the three. Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right seems like a narrowed down scope of what VAST was and that could be for the better.

It is up on Kickstarter and will be at Leder Games’ booth (1248) at PAX Unplugged. This is definitely a game I will be checking out at the convention. Hit the jump for the press release and link to Kickstarter…

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Trying Another Legacy Game

Legacy games are all the rage nowadays. If you are not familiar, a Legacy game has you play a game multiple times in a row and making decisions that affect the game permanently. The game could ask you to tear up a card, put a sticker on the board, or open a box that introduces new elements to the game.

I think I am going to bite the bullet on another Legacy game.

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What’s Inside My Box: Star Wars Rebellion w/Expansion

Star Wars Rebellion is Star Wars in a box. And with the release of Rise of the Empire expansion, it is even MORE Star Wars in a box! But I just got ZenBins as I mentioned in a previous post, what do I do? Well I managed to make it all fit and nicely.

Check it out after the jump!

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The 7th Continent Ending Soon!

Usually I don’t post about Kickstarters because I’d be here all day, but this one is bit of an exception for reasons that should be made apparent. First and foremost…the KS campaign for The 7th Continent ends Thursday, October 19, at 5:59 pm ET. So if you are interested in the game, jump on it!

Why is that? Hit the jump to find out…

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“Tournament” Movie Screening

Board games haven’t really been represented in movies, at least usually not in a positive light. Well here comes an independent movie for the better. “Tournament” is about a group of unlikely friends who gather for an epic trading card game only to have a beautiful outsider turn everything upside down. This comedy is coming to a DC theater for one night, October 12th at 7:30 PM

Hit the jump for more details

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