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Labyrinth Used Game Sale Nearly Upon Us!

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles is a great local board game store in downtown Washington, DC. Every year they run a massive used game sale and the proceeds go to buying games for local classrooms, supporting their game class aftercare program, and adding new games to their demo library. They’ve collected a ton of games (literally thousands) and are gearing up for something special.

It all starts July 22 at 10am and keeps going through business hours until the end of July 23.

645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20003

There is a live auction, silent auction, sealed-bid auction, and rummage sale as well as a list of what will be available for sale.

Hit the jump for more details like signing up for the auction and the schedule…

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[Game Stories] Imperial Assault: Hoth – Part 3

It has been a little while but the rag-tag group of Rebels are ready to mount another mission. This time they are heading back to Hoth. Will they continue the campaign with another victory or will they feel the sting of the Empire’s grip?

Read the report after the jump!

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What’s Inside My Box: Galaxy Defenders

Tactical, dungeon crawler Galaxy Defenders has got a lot to package in its box. Even more if you have the Kickstarter content like I do. I also had a box tear that damaged the insert so I definitely needed a solution to keep this all organized in the box and it turned out really well!

Hit the jump to see what’s inside this box!

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[Going Solo] Mow Money’s Solo Variant

Mow Money is a game that doesn’t hit the table enough for me. Usually other games overpower it with their big boxes, fancy minis, or the theme of it.  But recently I played it again and then I noticed it had some solo rules. Well it is time to get some solo plays under my belt!

Hit the jump to see how this solo variant cuts it…

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Unplug Your PAX with NTBG!

PAX Unplugged is PAX’s first convention devote exclusively to board games. Three days dedicated to our lovely, little hobby in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are on sale now and the dates are November 17-19. Check out more details on their site.

I’ll be there with a press badge representing NTBoardGames. Hope to do some video recording, maybe talk to people, and of course play some sweet games! Don’t be a stranger!

Edge of the Empire labeling

Our Edge of the Empire RPG is going strong! I got quite a few fun episodes coming to you so be excited. Just a small note, going forward Edge of the Empire will be abbreviated to EotE on the audio file source (ie: SoundCloud/iTunes/etc). This is in order to make it easier to see the episode title and what part it is. Thought about removing it all together but four characters and a space isn’t too much and that encourages people to figure out what it is.

Not a huge thing but might make accessibility easier for newcomers and wanted to give a heads up. It won’t affect the posts on this site.

[Now Rolling] Oh Captain!

Bluffing games and deduction games are widely popular nowadays. It was very recently where it seemed every game had one or both of these aspects in them. After awhile, you start to compare which ones you should keep and theme can keep them in your collection. Well here is a pirate theme one and while I don’t care about pirates, I had to give this a try.

Aaarrgghhhh, be my matey after the jump!

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