Game of the Month: Campy Creatures (October 2022)

It is spooky time and while not all games will scare you, the theming is where I like to look to from monsters roaming/chasing to the fun camp. That’s where this one comes in, I love its camp and gameplay; it makes it that much easier to get it to the table.

Let’s go mad scientists!

Campy Creatures has you play as a mad scientist and you send creatures out to capture mortals to hopefully get you the most points. They range from assistants to hunters to everyone’s favorite, teenagers. How else can you do experiments if you don’t have mortals to test on?

The gameplay is simple but the strategy is deep. Everyone has the same numbered cards that represent a different monster. Pick a card secretly and then everyone reveals at the same time. Whoever has the strongest card (highest number) gets first pick. But most of the monsters have a special ability that has you going first, affects your neighbors, or gives you points for not using them at the end. Since you don’t get the cards back until the end of a round (3 rounds total), there is a lot of strategizing on what card you are playing or your opponents.

Another lovely aspect about the game is how it handles ties. The score tracker/card holder also has a place for everyone to place a marker. Whenever someone tries to do the same thing, you see who is highest on the clash-o-meter and they win. Then their marker is moved to the bottom. This adds another element of planning ahead to see if you will win a tie or not.

On top of the fun premise and slick gameplay, their package design is top notch. The inside of the box has pretty art lining it and the instructions was designed to look like an manual for a mad scientist on how to capture mortals. Definitely *chef’s kiss.* Keymaster Games have down it with their other games and I truly appreciate that part of their products.

I highly recommend this game, even if you aren’t a big monster fan. It isn’t creepy or gross, it is campy and fun. Campy Creatures is a highly fun game that is quite easy to get to the table.

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