Game of the Month: Welcome to the Moon (April 2022)

While not quite a roll & write (flip & write?), the Welcome to… series have been pretty popular in the past few years. It has planning, spatial awareness, neighborhood planning, numerous expansions, and sequels. And now it is going to the moon and beyond!

Let’s take a trip…

Welcome to the Moon takes the basics that you know in Welcome To… and puts it on steroids. It is eight (that’s right 8, 4 double-sided), different games in one for 1-6 players. They are dry erase boards too so you don’t need to laminate them either!

This time around there is a narrative campaign connecting each play/board. It isn’t legacy, it is choose-your-own-adventure that determines objectives. Who wins or what you do in the missions can determine the path of the story. One game said the most points while another asked for at least one person to complete a water objective. So there is variety in these short story blurbs between plays. Not only that, after you complete all 8, there is a hook/reason to play again and it starts you on a different page of the choose-your-own-adventure booklet.

The game boards can vary greatly but all maintain the same premise of flipping over cards with numbers & symbols, 3 objectives, and typically putting them in spaces in ascending order. Some of the later ones can get a little more complex but usually the additional layers comes from how you get bonus points. I also experienced an added level of complexity as I was playing it solo and had to learn the AI rules as well. But they have picture examples and when you actually get to playing it clicks pretty quick.

They do truly feel like their own games and not just cheaply thrown together “extra” games. The variety of what they have you doing is just fabulous. Not to give away too much (it was truly a blast going thru it without prior knowledge), the first mission has you packing up your rocket in a normal-ish number row fashion while another mission uses a grid system. I was shocked at how creative they got with these adventures.

I do have issues with it, only two though and they are minor. The box is missing cleaning wipes but you can use your hands or a paper towel. And the other issue is that I am on the fence about playing each one on their own. I was very captivated by the story so I’d stick with that way solo. With others, I’d definitely want them to play through the whole thing first instead of just doing Mission X.

They do some nifty things with this concept and I highly urge you to check it out!

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