[These 35 Games] Alone

It is cold, dark, and you have no idea where you are. Steel lines the floors and walls and no signs of life can be found. But then there is a noise and a motion in the dark from all directions and you are no longer by yourself. But what has joined you makes you wish that you were…

Exit solitary after the jump!


Alone is a 2-4 player 1 versus many game. One player plays the lone space person who wakes up on a foreign ship and the others get to play as the evil force, the monsters and possessed. The alone one must complete objectives in a certain number of turns and the evil side must stop them, typically by death.

This is a challenging game as the evil gets to decide the layout of the map each time. The alone only gets to see the corridors they are in and lights that have been turned on giving a lot of tension to deal with. It comes with two map boards but they are double-sided and can be rotated to really mix up the player. Each one is used for one floor.

While this is a dungeon crawler, it is only for one player. The alone dungeon crawls, tries to fight things, explores, and completes objectives. The evil can move monsters around, places monstrous things anywhere on the floors, and play cards. There are four different decks to pick from that changes how they play. Fury (strong creatures), speed (duh), Terror (manipulate the alone), and traps, each play differently and changes how things will turn out. As I said, the alone dungeon crawls, the evil is just reacting to what they do. The more one does, the more the other can do. It is an interesting give and take mechanic and really challenging.

I mentioned this is Dead Space the board game and that thought still holds up. It has neat mechanics that makes me want to see how far/long I can last. Good quality components and a visceral, good time. If you don’t mind a challenging game, you should scare up this one.

Horrible Games
2-4 Players
70-90+ mins

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