House Rules: How Many is Too Many?

Recently I pulled out the game DOOM by Fantasy Flight Games. I had played the game once or twice before but sometimes always kept me from pulling it out more frequently. You’d think I would’ve pulled it out more since I painted the space marines (future painted mini’s?) but that wasn’t the case.

The main reason is the balance of the game which left me wondering if I should house rule and how much?

I pondered this as I debated on whether I should keep the game. It has a cool gameplay flow, great looking minis, and I am a big fan of the video game of the same name. Well I could not allow any class cards being played, limit the number of items on the mission, and…wait…is that too much?

How many of these house rules should one allow for games? Honestly, as many as you need to make the game fun. Pretty soon it really isn’t the game anymore though and a new face coming into the game might be thrown off by it all. But at least you are having fun with a game you paid money for and that’s what this hobby is about, playing games and having fun. So what’s the harm?

Or is the correct answer of how many should you have is none? If the game doesn’t work, you shouldn’t have to use a house rule to make it work. I say this in one breath but also instantly housed ruled the original Zombicide when I first got the Kickstarter that you don’t have to target survivors first when you are shooting into a space but if you miss you hit your teammate in the space. And now that is a rule (or somewhat similar one) is in Black Plague and the other 2038 different Zombicides out there. I’d like to think this and my epic Zombicide CTF is different than a “real house rule.” I mean it really is the same game but some guides with how to play (with than many people or use it all).

But I recognize it is still a house rule. I use a lot of house rules I think. Though I am usually upfront about them and think they are for the better with the games. It almost seems like I am saying I think my opinion is better than the game designers on that topic. More accurately, they probably didn’t think of that and thought they had the best idea for the game.

How do you deal with house rules? How many is too many? Where do you draw the line?

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