[These 35 Games] Black Hole Council

It is time to decide some fates! Well actually MANY fates if you want to be correct. Probably closer to billions, but we can handle that easily. Oh, what a surprise to be in charge of black holes and more.

Come, see my influence after the jump!


In Black Hole Council you play as a member of the Black Hole Council. You all are officials looking to get the most influence over the council by making sure planets in your agenda get properly taxed, conquered, mined, settled, or sent to a black hole. But no one knows your agenda and they are all different.

This game is quite easy to play since it is 90% talking. You got two minutes to decide the fate of five planets at a time. But only the leader of the round may move cards around to their destiny. Pass enough planets in your favor and you go up in influence, or you can pay to go up cause money works like that. But you have to remember that it has to be passed with a majority vote. The leader must work with the other members to get the vote passed so this is giving and taking to victory. There is only penalties for failing a vote three times but by then, hopefully everyone has their ducks in order to make it happen.

I think this game works at all numbers since the votes needed will be either 2 or 4 max. I’ve had great games at 8 and great games at 5. This game has definitely sky-rocketed its way to top of my game list for its ease of play and interaction. And sometimes people just want to yell at their friends and sends lots of planets to their doom via a black hole. Can you blame them?

Black Hole Council
Orange Machine Games
4-8 Players
45-60 Minutes

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