Tsuro is Back, like a Phoenix!

Tsuro is back with another game and this time around it has something extra special up its sleeve. January 10, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising will be hitting Kickstarter with its new game and extra, exclusive goodies. It does look intriguing…

Hit the jump to fly to this game with me (and read the press release)!

Tsuro is a tile laying, stay-on-the-board game. Usually very pretty but one very annoying part that became more apparent with Tsuro of the Seas, bumping tiles that you have to move! Lo and behold the answer…


It is a patented board tray thingy to make it easy to pick up and rotate tiles around for the purposes of a game that most don’t actually know about and I am still keeping this run-on sentence going for no reason.

Basically there are four, 3×3 grids with bubble indentations so you can press on the corners and the other side pops up for easy grabbing. I feel good inserts have been doing this for awhile but for cards instead of square tiles so it is new. My only question is, will this work for the other versions of the game. Like are these slots/tiles the same size as the previous two Tsuros? The first one you don’t pick up the tiles as much, but the daikaiju from the sequel is a different story!

Yeah, if you couldn’t guess from the title, you are Phoenix (phoeni?) flying around. A HUGE difference with this game is that you have an objective beside stay on the board the longest. Your new objective is to light lanterns to create stars, get enough stars to win. Also, the lines don’t always match the tiles and that’s how they get you to stop. So unlike the first two where all tiles had 8 lines on them, this one doesn’t.

This is a very big departure from the previous games. And after hearing about it I am worried that this game will suffer greatly from analysis paralysis with trying to get the biggest fly through.

Here is the press release:

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising Takes Flight

Calliope Games Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Third Entry In Classic Series

Redmond, WA – January 10, 2019: Calliope Games is celebrating its 10th anniversary by launching Tsuro: Phoenix Rising. This brand new tile-laying game, the third in the classic Tsuro series, puts each player in control of a magical phoenix, cleverly swooping around the board to reach floating lanterns and turn them into new stars in the night sky. During the game, players will flip and rotate the double-sided tiles to create clever paths to the lanterns. The revolutionary patented board allows one tile to be manipulated without disturbing surrounding tiles. Tsuro: Phoenix Rising can be enjoyed by 2-8 players ages 8 and up, and plays in less than an hour.

Since 2009, Calliope Games has been publishing family-friendly tabletop games, with Tsuro: The Game of the Path as its flagship title. “Over the past decade, Tsuro has cemented its place as a preeminent gateway board game for families and gamers alike,” said Ray Wehrs, president of Calliope Games. Tsuro has inspired a second entry, Tsuro of the Seas, as well as a smash hit app for iOS and Android by Thunderbox Entertainment. “When the time came to celebrate our ten year milestone, we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than with an exciting new Tsuro title.” Wehrs said.

Based on the original Tsuro game by Tom McMurchie, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising features beautiful artwork by Andrew Hepworth. In addition to the innovative board, its premium presentation includes custom-molded Phoenix pawns, “glowing” translucent Lantern markers, Star tokens, double-sided tiles, and Life tokens which allow the Phoenixes to rise from the ashes. Even with gorgeous art and components of the highest quality, Tsuro: Phoenix Risingremains incredibly affordable at an anticipated price of $40.

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising launches on Kickstarter Thursday, January 10, 2019 and runs until February 9, 2019. Those who pledge during the campaign will have access to exclusive items – such as an additional set of Phoenix pawns, a mini expansion, and a custom insert tray – that will not be available through retail later.

Check in a few days on Kickstarter to check this out!

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