[These 35 Games] Mission: Red Planet

Join Fry and Zoidberg as Planet Expr…I mean, space travelling people around is pretty cool. First there is space and then there is helping people out. Not to mention you get rewarded for your good deeds of taking over a new planet! What’s not to love?

To Mars we go!


My copy of Mission: Red Planet is the reprint or second edition, I never played the original. There were some changes but the basic principle of taking over Mars and setting up colonies is still there. But now you can do it with more people and a moon!

This board game has “simultaneous hand selection.” Everyone plays a card secretly and whoever’s number is the highest goes first. Everyone has an identical hand filled with cards that is all about filling spaceships up with people so they can blast off to Mars to populate/colonize/take over! This was one of the first games I played with this mechanic so it stuck out. Unlike most of these “pioneering games” with new gameplay types, this one has good gameplay after the fancy flash to back it up. *cough*7 Wonders*couch*.

The game comes with such nice components and cute little spacemen with lots of detail. I even don’t mind the look of the game despite it being a Steampunk product; it is very subtle with the design. And isn’t it just lovely when all the pieces fit nicely in the box with room to spare?

Mission: Red Planet
Fantasy Flight Games
2-6 players
60+ minutes

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