[These 35 Games] Artifacts, Inc.

Everyone loves to adventure! Most of us grew up watching Indiana Jones movies and always wanted a whip and a cool fedora. So who wouldn’t want to do what Indy does in a board game, selling newly found treasures to museums and curating your personal property…wait, what?

Let’s go to our HQ to get to the bottom of this…


Artifacts, Inc. is a game where you play as Indiana but only after this adventures. It is about going on expeditions to obtain priceless artifacts but it is about what you do with the newly obtained treasure and building up a team of people to do all the fun stuff for you. As it turns out, this side of things is pretty gun too.

Another worker placement game but this time each dice you roll is a worker. Depending on what number you get determines what they will be able to do. There is always something you can do with each number but to maximize your turn, you can obtain cards that let you manipulate the numbers rolled. So it is like you are a bunch of Indys instead of just one!

As said with many options, there are many ways to obtain artifacts. There are a number of different expeditions as well as diving for sunken treasure. This allows for many different strategies and the player can decide on which part they want to focus on or spread themselves out across the “board.”

As I said, most probably thought about being Indy but never thought about what he did between expeditions. This game tackles that and makes it a fun way to explore the more mundane side of the business.

Oh, it is also super pretty artwork!

Artifacts, Inc.
Red Raven Games
2-4 players
45-75 minutes

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