[These 35 Games] Azul

Doesn’t everyone dream of being a carpenter? Making floors, roofs, and walls…especially when they are full of color and many tiles. What could be better? Playing a board game of that may be better because it is quicker and less of a mess.

Let’s tile these walls!


In Azul you are making pretty walls for your king using pretty tiles from a variety of textile factories. Make the best/prettiest/most complete wall and you will score all the points and earn yourself favor with the king, not to mention win the game.

The game has great components. I just have to get that out of the way. It has nice chunky tiles that are vibrant and feel good to the touch. The bag to hold them is nice too. More important to me is that the player boards are still to this day not bending. Some of my other games immediately bend upon opening so seeing these ones last is just nice.

The mechanics of grabbing the tiles from factories is great in this game. There is a lot of strategy in each ones you grab because if you leave too many in the middle, you could earn a lot of negative points. Depending on which tiles you grab, it determines who will be the first player each round. It allows you to really push to be first player in hopes to complete a row of tiles in a round.

This is another game that is easy to get the table and anyone can play. What more could you want from a game?

Plan B Games
2-4 players
30-50 mins

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