[These 35 Games] Nanuk

Back in the day we didn’t have this fancy technology. No screens to stare at endlessly, no boxes of electronics to twiddle our thumbs to. We had stories (and games, shhhh) that needed to be told by campfire. They were often embellished for dramatic affect. But there is consequences to that.

In comes the nanuk!


In Nanuk you play as an Inuit bragging about how awesome a hunter you are. Exaggerate (or not) how many of an animal you can bring in in so many days. But be careful, someone might call your bluff and force you to prove your worth. They think the hunt will be DOOMED! Luckily you and other hunters can help make that happen and reap the rewards.

This is another push your luck game. Each turn you have to decide to increase the type of game and/or how many days you will do it in. Raise it too much and you risk the chance of the Nanuk,the mystic polar bear of DOOM, coming and taking all your hunt. If you have an Inuksuk, you can protect yourself from the Nanuk.

It is semi-cooperative since you can work with others but in the end, whoever has the best haul wins. Challenging other hunters on their ridiculous claims can bring out the best in players. It’s a fun social game that is full of DOOM.

Steve Jackson Games
5-8 players
45-60 minutes

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