[These 35 Games] Game Election

Nope, this is not a joke. This is 100% accurate and real. But hear me out. I have some points I make and might make you scratch your chin and say, “hmmm.” And then you can go out and get your own copy of this fine product.

My vote is yes.


Often times people don’t want to say what they really mean cause they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. With Game Election, people can privately vote on what games they really want to play and really don’t want to play.

Better yet, I don’t have to explain how it works since each set of cards say a combination of “Yay,” “Nay,” or “Veto.” The Veto basically multiplies the Nay population for when you really don’t want to play Dominion, and it says it right on the card. Can’t get much straight forward than that.

Say you will about this “game,” but I am including. It is something that I actually own two copies of it in case I have a lot of people on hand. But it is a quick and simple way to pick what game is next. Bottom line is, it works.

Game Election
Naturalist Games
2-6 players
2 minutes?

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