[These 35 Games] Antidote

It is time to do science. Who doesn’t love science? Well I can think of a few but let’s not answer that question. How about staying alive? Yes, we all love that! We do that on a regular basis. Let’s stay alive together.

For scienc…err life!


It is all fun & games playing as scientists until some sort of disease spills and you might die. That’s what you do in Antidote. It should be a cooperative game thematically but it is definitely more fun to be selfish. Who knows, there might only be one antidote for left, don’t you want it?!

A simply lovely part of this deduction game is the simultaneous play. Everyone always has the same number of cards and unless someone does a trade or use a syringe, everyone is doing something every turn. You might be forced to discard, pass to left, or pass to the right. It is out of your hands but keeps everyone at the same place and involved even when playing with a large group of people.

The base game comes with a couple expansions packed in the box. It is already set up to give you more variations. Though I found that most of it is not as good. It sort of throws a wrench in the gameplay as everyone works together. There is nothing wrong with that but in Antidote, there is more to it if you aren’t trying to be helpful. But there is some expansion content worth looking at that I occasionally bust out.

The deduction aspect is pretty spot on and that is what people cling to here. All you will see are numbers, X’s, and syringes. Syringes are useful and X’s tell you what is not the antidote. That means you are holding a bunch of numbered cards that may or most likely may not be useful. But they could be useful which leads you to second guessing what card to give away, but in a good way.

Antidote was a big hit with people I played it like Good Cop, Bad Cop before it and Tortuga 1667 after it. Easy to play/teach and it has that “I can do better next round, let’s go!” mentality to it. If they do is a whole other question!

Bellwether Games
3-7 players
20 minutes

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