[These 35 Games] Myth: Dark Frontier

Roaming the lands is a great evil that will try and destroy Farrenroc. But we must protect it; whether it be from skeletons, orcs, rats, or some other abomination. Darkness must not threaten the land. Give up your Day, your Night, and even your Morning for the cause.

We ride to Farrenroc!


Myth: Dark Frontier is a spin-off or standalone game based in the Myth world. You don’t need Myth to play it but if you do have the former, you can use your minis to populate the board to make it look super cool!

Speaking of cool, the center piece, literally and figuratively is Farrenroc itself. It is a castle miniature that you build and tear down as bad things happen. It represents stability in the land and when the terrible happens like a hero dying, monsters attack the castle, etc, you remove a piece. You can see how bad or great you are doing as you progress through the game. There is no way to get pieces back but you are always aware of how far destroyed it may be. It is a beautiful sight.

The base game is said to only come with Grubbers/orcs, I don’t know if this game is going to hit retail though. That said, my copy came with components for almost all of the factions in the game. Outside of the new factions, it was only missing one. Each monster variety definitely changes how things play out. Some are more about movement while others sew more chaos. Plus it is nice to see all the baddies on the board, definitely increase the tension.

The board has great art. It is very beautiful and vibrant but almost too vibrant. Sometimes it makes pictures look too busy but it is a price I am willing to pay for this game. Each space is just full of imagery that stands out.

There is a lot to be done in the lands but you can only do three things each turn. This is done through programming. Your first action is guaranteed to happen before your second but whose first is the bigger question. It creates a little tension when things are getting dire. Will the darkness card be flipped first or the card that will allow someone to clear out a bunch of minions?

This is a tough game. I have house-ruled it so you don’t have to do as many objectives (originally one per player x3 plus a final objective) but we still lost. Some baddies are just very strong.

If you can find someone with a copy of the game, I recommend giving it a shot.

Myth: Dark Frontier
MegaCon Games
1-4 players
120-180 minutes

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