[These 35 Games] Titan Race

This might be my only racing game in my collection. Racing game’s are just not necessarily my jam, but I didn’t get this one to fill that whole in my library. There is a very big reason why I got this small box game…


Titan Race is pretty much Mario Kart on board game form. You pick your racer with your own stats, race on a crazy course, and hit opponents with items you picked up off the track. What more you need for a game like this?

The base game uses on board (they have 3 double-sided to pick from), and it is an endless type. You always travel forward but if you go off the track on right or left, you are on the other side. Your titan is always moving forward. When you reach the top of the board, go back to the bottom and start your next lap. It seems simple but it is a nice way to have a race without worrying about the layout and table space. There is a “Grand Slam” variant that has you putting three boards together and you have to just get to the end, but the boards are pretty small so it still won’t take up much space.

The dice mechanic is fun in this game. You only use the number of dice as players. First player chucks them and picks a face (six sides, six movement options). This process is continued until the last person has only one dice to pick from. That wouldn’t be fair, so instead of being stuck with one option, they roll all the dice over again. So every player will always have a choice in which movement they are taking.

This is a fun light game that doesn’t take up much space. It might not have Mario but has all the other necessary ingredients for a fun time!

Titan Race
2-6 players
20-30 minutes

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