[These 35 Games] Defenders of the Last Stand

Giant boxes can lead to epic games and this is not an exception. But just because a game has a lot of pieces, doesn’t mean it is good. It needs competent gameplay and thought out rules.


Defenders of the Last Stand is not a sequel to Defenders of the Realm. It has a lot of the same ingredients but it is a separate game. For one, it is not a medieval game. This is a “Mad Max” themed board game. Roam the post-apocalyptic wasteland, helping people and yourself  to survive.

This is also one of those very hard games. Most scenarios have you fending off three leaders & their faction of raiders and a bunch of monstrosities that do their own thing. So there are freaks and creatures roaming the land, all trying to get into Last Stand, as you (and your friends) are trying to save the day. While it is hard and a lot of factions, you always feel like you are making progress to the end. Removing large threats from the board, seeing the leader health go down, getting special cards, and more add to the feeling that you are not stagnant. You might be stalling the inevitable but you have the feeling of forward momentum every step.

You would think this next step would really bog down the game but it doesn’t. Each player gets a bunch of actions each turn. By a bunch, I mean 7. That just seems unheard of but it feels like you can do so much every turn. You can fly across the board or accomplish missions.  There isn’t that feeling of, “oh I have to set up to do something cool this turn and next turn I can get it done,” that a lot of these games have. Just makes the game feel more epic when you have a lot more things you can and will do on your turn.

Defenders of the Last Stand is a fun game. And if you didn’t notice above, it was made by a game who had a hand in Eldritch Horror, so you know there is some quality to it for sure. Just be warned, there is a lot in this big box but it is worth it.

Defenders of the Last Stand
8th Summit
1-5 players
120+ minutes

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