Can We Stop the Bending Card Madness?

I don’t think anyone intends to bend a card while playing board games. Who wants to intentionally “damage” someone else’s property? But are bent cards really something to be upset about?

Yes, yes it is something to be upset about.

A bent card is creased and you can see if it is next in the deck or not. The only fix is buy new cards or bend all the cards…let’s not get too crazy here!

But seriously, bending of cards can make owners cringe. It is one of the risks you run into when playing your games with strangers. I am curious if there is a way to fight this potential epidemic (Epidecard? Cardemic? Epicardemic?). There is only one thing I can think of that might help combat the bent card-ageddon.


It won’t stop everyone but when you see a sleeve, you are more inclined to think the game is protected and you have been entrusted with its protection as well. May no nicked corners, liquid, or bends fall upon this card!

While I have still seen people bend even these cards, it couldn’t hurt the situation. Do you think this will be enough to deter people?

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