[These 35 Games] Tsuro of the Seas

Not often does a sequel come around that adds something completely different to the game. I’m talking about something out of left field.


Tsuro of the Seas is the sequel to Tsuro. The original game was just about staying on the board. It was an abstract game, not much to it but was quick and played a lot of people. This board game now adds daikaiju, or sea monsters. They are quite deadly as they swim around the board and destroy everything in their path.

The game plays the same but you roll dice before your turn to see if the daikaiju move (and attack in the process). These creatures destroy your previous paths, ships/players, and other monster as well. More of them can appear on the board but there must always be two. This significantly adds more threat to the game.

It is a large addition to the base game that keeps you on your toes. There is an expansion you can add onto this that include a number of things but most importantly a cannon to defend against the abominations out in the deep waters. But if all this sounds like too much, you can just play this game without the daikaiju and get the original Tsuro experience with no hassle. It just isn’t as scary.

Tsuro of the Seas
Calliope Games
2-8 players
15-30 minutes

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