[These 35 Games] Room 25

I always say this is a movie board game but I don’t believe there is a movie with this title. But there is the sci-fi flick, The Cube, that this game undeniably takes its inspirations from. This is definitely not a bad thing in my book.

Step into the cube…


As I was saying, Room 25 is definitely The Cube but in board game form. Only thing missing is the extra dimension part and throw in a crowd. But basically a group of people are in a deadly maze/puzzle/contraption and they are trying to get out. It seems simple but it is also a programming game and all the spaces around you are hidden meaning you don’t know if the next space is a trap or the exit.

Now before we get any further, I have something to admit. I bought the base game years ago and then bought Season 2 (the expansion). It adds two new characters, abilities to make everyone unique, and some new tiles. I was able to fit everything in the base game minus the new instructions but that is what I consider the game. There is a Room 25 Ultimate that has both games together in one box. With out of the way…

While there is a cooperative mode, the game really shines with its traitor mechanic. 1-2 players are guards and no one knows who they are. Regular players need to get everyone out, the guards need to stop them. So guards need to wait until opportune times to throw the team out of whack or reveal themselves to get full control of their actions, making them a real force to be reckoned with!

The abilities can help you out but the random draw of tiles can really make the game interesting. Some rooms are instant death, some allow to peak around the place, others are empty, and more. There are a lot to choose from or randomly select. I recommend the drawing for most out of the experience.

A sci-fi, semi-horror movie inspired programming game, who wouldn’t love it?!

Room 25 (Ultimate)
Matagot Games
1-8 players
30-60 minutes

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