[These 35 Games] Eldritch Horror

To me this is a classic and a big doozy when it comes to thematic and involved board games. It may not be pulled out a lot but it matters when it finally hits the table. Just make sure you don’t have too many players or it might feel like forever.

Time for the horror…


This monster of a game is actually a spinoff of a supposedly even bigger game, which I haven’t played so I am going on hearsay. I think some of these games carry exaggerated baggage with them and Eldritch Horror one is a prime example.

There is a lot of content in this game and even more if you buy one of the 2038 expansions. There isn’t that many but…there sort of is. Every turn there is more theme splashed in your face. It could be horror from another world, talking cats, or just some people collecting on debts/favors. It is always different and suited for your location. Also a different ancient one every time you play can change how certain things interact and respond. There is a lot of variability which is always a plus in the world of board games.

I also find this game quite easy to play. There are a lot of components and many things to keep track of but your turn is kept simple. Two, non-repeatable actions is what your turn comprises of. The rest is reading and rolling. Don’t be afraid of the multitude of decks of cards surrounding the board. They really are there for you, not against you.

If you have Mansions of Madness, you can swap out the standees and monster bits for miniatures. It isn’t required and there is limited room on the board but it can be a nice touch to make you really feel the dread in your situation. And isn’t that what the game is about?

This is simply Cthulhu in a box.

Eldritch Horror
Fantasy Flight Games
1-8 players (don’t play more than 5 or 6)
120-180 minutes

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