[These 35 Games] Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

This may be one of the cutest games I do all month of October. But don’t be deceived by that fact, there is something to be offered within this box. I am one of the many to find it. Dare I say that I hunted for it?

Let’s get that treasure!


I’ve heard about Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters for some time and I finally got around to securing a copy. I am definitely glad I did since this is such a fun little game with a challenge. Grab the 8 gems and and get out of house. Looks simple, right? That’s cute.

It looks like a kiddie game, complete with adorable ghost and haunting creatures to populate the board. How hard could it be? This game features the same idea as Pandemic with its rule of 3 ghosts in a room creates an haunting/overrun but there is no explosion. Well it isn’t so easy since you are most likely adding ghosts every turn. Things can spread fast and they will. That’s how you lose, 6 hauntings on the board. It builds up quicker than you’d expect.

To up the challenge, you can add in randomly locking doors and more shuffle cards. You see, you are most likely going to draw on your turn. It either puts a ghost out or makes you shuffle the deck. More shuffles mean the more likely that room B will be hit 4 times before you get one gem.

I’ve only beaten this game once out of my five playthroughs (so far) and loved every attempt. This is a nice cooperative game to pull out with anybody whether they are new to gaming or want a challenge. The cutesy will lure them in and the challenge will make them ask to try again after they succumb to the haunting!

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters
2-4 players
30 mins

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