[These 35 Games] Bloodborne

We all saw this coming. And I am using this game to kick off my “Creature Feature” month of playing/talking about only horror/scary games or games that include monsters. So this should be fun because I happen to like this game a lot and you should too!

A hunter is never alone…


Two things I like to preface this with…first, I am really bad at Bloodborne. I’ve played it 11 times and have only won once. But I still love it. Second, I am a big fan of the video game it is based off it. That said, I think it some of the ideas and concepts down. It feels like you are playing an extension of the game rather than playing the game since it isn’t constantly cooperative.

This is a push-your-luck game and I’ve heard a lot of complaints but it sounds like they just don’t like those types of games. That’s fine, but this one is all about risk vs reward. Are you going to stay out in the Chalice Dungeon one more round in hopes to get just a little more blood echoes for more points & another trophy or are you going to bank what you have and get a lovely new weapon? The choice is yours, hunter.

Art is straight from the game which is really cool. And the different final bosses change the game each time you play. One game session you have extra health, the next penalizes you for an escaped monster, or you might have limited deaths. There are quite a few and some are much more painful than others, but there is a large deck of monsters (regular, bosses, and final bosses) that ensures you are highly unlikely to run into the same deck or dungeon each play through.

Now there was a recent expansion that came out and it added a lot. It actually changes the game and makes it a bit more mean. You now can be a lot more aggressive against other players with some of the actions and weapons. Gone are the days of only hitting the monster, now you have to worry about getting in the way of another hunter’s blast or explosion. I admit that it can be a bit much at times but it adds a new level of survival in a game of eldritch consequence.

Oh that’s right, did I forget to mention that this is a horror video game? Tons of monsters and is actually a hidden “Lovecraft” game with other worldly old ones and monsters of immenseness that make you go mad with just seeing them.  The more you experience, the more you see and the more crazy you go. That aspect is unfortunately not strong in the game but really proves why it should be in the October month of things!

Bloodborne is a push your luck game where you are never and always alone.

CMON Games
3-5 players
45-60 minutes

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