31 Days of Horror?

Time to pull out the orange things and witches and pumpkins. Most people try to do one horror movie a day for the month of October. Well I am going to try something similar. I’ll be aiming for one horror game a day but my fall back is going to be only horror games for the entire month.

Who’s with me?!

Now first off, I really should have an asterisk up there in the title and a few times in the opening. While I’d love to play only horror/scary games and one a day, it begs two questions. The first question is, which game is really scary? The second question is, do I have time to play these games/are others available? Both questions really get combined into one question and answer.

It can be subjective on what is scary. Also most scary games tend to be long in my mind. Sometimes I don’t have 3+ hours to play Eldritch Horror or Mansions of Madness. That is why my selection of games will be a bit “dumbed down” a little. Not all horror movies are scary so why should all horror board games be scary?

This means all the games I play in October will be horror themed or creature filled. If you notice, both Library MeetUps this month are titled Creature Feature. So while I will bust out more scary games like Escape from Aliens from Outer SpaceBloodborne, and Elder Sign, I will also be taking out games such as Mighty Monsters, Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet, and Visitor which are on the cutesy side but include creatures to get the almost horror feel. It works, it does.

So who is still with me?

How about you, are you doing any special gaming for this month?

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