[These 35 Games] Kingdomino

Time for another spatial game. Space is cool, both outer and where you are. This little game randomly came into my lap when I was at WashingCon. I almost immediately picked up a copy and haven’t looked back.

To the kingdom!


Kingdomino has you building your land and scoring based on how you build.  Much like Karuba before this, you need to be mindful about where you build your land but in a different way. This time around you are restricted by a 5×5 grid.

This makes you think about how your placing pieces in this grid since your starting castle piece can be anywhere within the grid. The real tricky part is make sure you perfectly make the square since it is really easy to be off by one pieces and have two holes in your kingdom.

Once you grasp the space required for this game, it is a nice puzzle-bender that makes you think about what pieces you are going to grab since that determines player order. The dominos are lined up in a row. The first player can pick of the pieces but if they pick the one in the back then they will be going last. So it is a matter of balance between best pick later or the piece you want right now.

Kingdomino is a quick game that will have you picking the best place throughout the land.

Blue Orange Games

2-4 players
10-20 minutes

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